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Every year, Cowgirl Kitchen whips up a great Thanksgiving feast for over 500 families on the Emerald Coast! We know you’d rather spend the holiday on the beach with family instead of standing over a stove all day, so we’re here to help!  We are anticipating heavy demand this year due to COVID-19 and we will need to stop our orders when we reach capacity.  We highly recommend you place your order as soon as possible when we go live in October.

  • We will open our presale on October 4th for returning customers only.
  • Our public ordering will begin on October 9th.  Please join our waitlist below to receive a reminder email.


Cowgirl Kitchen Restaurant & Bar | 54 Main Street | Rosemary Beach, FL | 850.213.0058
Cowgirl Kitchen Market & Cafe | 3005 Scenic Hwy 30A | Seagrove Beach | 850.231.1120
Cowgirl Kitchen Feed & Supply, Provisions & Gifts | 31 Main Street | Rosemary Beach | 850.588.0908
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Blue Mabel
Cowgirl Hospitality Group

Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere!
- mae west

Everyone loves a Cowgirl! Lovable, sassy, sophisticated, she knows her cuisine, but is never a snob about it. It’s meals with moxie, entertaining with ease, and picnics with panache! 

Fun, no frills.
It's Kick Back Cuisine.